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FARVET is a company with 30 years of market experience, engaged in research and the manufacturing of biological and pharmaceutical products for the poultry industry in Peru and Latin America. FARVET began operations in March 1983, launching its first lyophilized live attenuated vaccine against Salmonella gallinarum strain 9R on the market.

The constant business growth reflects itself on commercial and technological field, as their aim is to become one of the most important Latin American veterinary laboratories of poultry. A laboratory that has the ability to develop products based on research and genomic study of major poultry diseases in the poultry industry.

Applying cutting edge technology, FARVET has currently significant commercial presence in countries as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Our laboratory, in its scientific-commercial expansion plan, develops proposals for the development of different products for transnational corporations.

FARVET was the first national veterinary laboratory to produce vaccines against inclusion body hepatitis viruses and in 2008; it launched an inactivated vaccine against avian laryngotracheitis.

FARVET's fundamental strategy is the development of both national and Latin American markets. This is being achieved by a constant search for improvement through the development among its partners and employees, by high health standards for a good manufacturing practice since 2003 and by the expansion of its biological and pharmacological products through the incorporation of a new production and incubation area for Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) eggs in 2004. At that moment, FARVET was the only national laboratory with an incubation plant for SPF eggs.

From 2007 onwards, FARVET strengthened itself technologically by the automation of its biological and pharmaceutical production; in that same year, new and well equipped laboratories of Bioinformatics, Molecular biotechnology and genomics, Cell Culture, Microbiology and Serology, and Biochemistry were founded with the latest technology, including an HPLC and a real-time PCR equipment, to guarantee the quality of its products. At the same time, FARVET started a new era with the production of recombinant vaccines for birds.

Building on the ideal of constant improvement, a Cellular and Molecular Immunology laboratory is implemented in 2012, bringing FARVET ahead of technology to ensure the quality and innovation of their products. FARVET has several strategic partners worldwide and receives advice from leading researchers with great prestige.

Today, FARVET is ready to meet the challenge of maintaining a leading position in the national and international veterinary market and of developing and innovating high quality products and molecular biology tools for the poultry industry, all guided by a quality management system for all its processes.


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